January 24, 2021
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Root Cause Analysis Consulting Services & Facilitations

Root Cause Analysis Consulting services provides immediate accident investigation help for sporadic incidents, chronic issues or failures that cost time and money! Our Reliability Experts and Veteran RCA Analysts assist or lead your organization through a successful root cause analysis investigation assuring you get to the real cause of your issue with fact driven documented support, detailed reports, RCA Coaching and ongoing support with our RCA Mentoring program.

RCI stands by you and your team for consultation and mentoring beyond the initial investigation. We are your support system guaranteeing the highest standard of customer support! Call 804-458-0645 for immediate assistance.
Subject Matter Speakers

Root Cause Analysis Facilitation: On Location
RCI’s veteran, independent PROACT RCA facilitators will guide your team of Subject Matter Experts through the steps of a thorough RCA investigation. From detailed evidence collection and analysis, to failure re-construction using a Logic Tree diagram to writing effective recommendations to track. Your team will have a partner throughout the RCA process. Lastly, and most importantly, success will be defined by making sure recommendations are tracked to ensure a bottom-line ROI can be demonstrated. The entire process is documented in a professionally formatted, comprehensive final report for presentation to Leadership.


PROACT Failure Scene Investigation Consulting Benefits:

  • Best results are attained when the analyses are facilitated by RCI consultants because they are unbiased, provide “fresh eyes” to look into the problems and have experience leading cross-functional teams. Using RCI consultants offers third party objectivity when unions, regulatory agencies and/or equipment manufacturers are involved in the investigation.
  • RCI consultants are experts in the field of Root Cause Analysis with proven track records that have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for their clients worldwide for over 30 years.
  • RCI consultants are educators. This is a highly effective reinforcement to the PROACT® RCA investigative process. RCA team members are able to see the disciplined approach carried out clearly and effectively from start to finish. Enthusiasm and buy-in from management results when problems are solved after a successful investigation.

reliability clientsPROACT® Root Cause Analysis Mentoring:
Oftentimes (more often than not) when new lead investigators are trained, they are a little uncomfortable leading their first RCA. This is especially true if the first RCA is a high visibility event. RCI understands this hesitancy and it is quite normal. For this reason, our trained investigators can work with their student analyst under such conditions, in order to give them some more self-confidence and ensure they are on the right path. It is up to the client investigator as to how much help they will need, and when they will need it. Whether it requires our investigators/mentors to be on-site or just assist online via WebEx, RCI just wants the analysts’ to be successful. In these situations, our investigators will be in the ‘background’ mentoring their students, who are assuming the role of Lead Investigator with their own teams.

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Reliability Goals Achieved!

RCI commends and thanks our clients for their willingness to share their Reliability success stories in order that others might learn from their experiences. These corporations and their RCA efforts in meeting their Reliability Goals have proven  what a well-focused organization can accomplish with the creative and innovative minds of their workforce.

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Browse Client Successes

What Our Clients Say…

Laurel-Ann Holder-Noel

“I just had to take a moment to let you know I really enjoy your posts! You are a true thought leader who is inspiring, engaging, knowledgeable and also resourceful. You constantly challenge my thoughts on risk management and give me ways to improve my practice. Your posts are truly among my favorites. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being a role model”.

Laurel Ann Holder Noel
1st Director of Risk Management at Hackensack Meridian

William P. Kosonen

“I had the pleasure of working with the extremely knowledgeable and talented Reliability Center Inc. (RCI) staff while using their PROACT methodology to successfully identify the root causes of several significant equipment failures. The techniques utilized to analyze the events resulted in generating excellent  reports that were thorough and understandable.

Every company would benefit from utilizing RCI and their methodologies.”

William P. Kosonen
Maintenance & Engineering Support Consultant

Mark Young

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your company and the products you offer. We’ve incorporated your RCA Methodology into our business and are having a very smooth roll-out. I would like to especially recognize John Bartlow as being a “5 star asset” to your organization. In my opinion, he defines “excellence” within customer service. I look forward to tremendous success working with you guys, just as I’ve had success in the past.

Mark Young
Director of Reliability - Advanced Technology Services

Alan Laundry

A technique that allowed us to fix a chronic processing problem that plagued one of our gas plants for more than ten years. If not for this technique, we would still be “fire fighting” this problem today.

Alan Laundry - Tech. Services Manager,
Westcoast Energy, Inc., Ft. St. John, BC.

Paul Andrews

Cliffs Natural Resources

Your work (Reliability Center) has helped Cliffs Natural Resources to learn from their failures. The training and consulting in root cause analysis (RCA) has helped Cliffs pinpoint the underlying reasons for problems and paved the way to develop strategies for improving performance.  Your (RCI) efforts have allowed Cliffs to have significant and widespread financial benefits. These efforts have specifically resulted in improved production, increased maintenance precision and improved business focus.

Paul Andrews - Reliability Engineer
Cliffs Natural Resources