January 24, 2021
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Root Cause Analysis Software Product Summary Solutions for Industry and Healthcare

Root Cause Analysis Software for PROACT® RCA includes product overviews of  RCA, FMEA and Risk Management software. Now with multilingual features on Cloud and Intranet products.

PROACT® is a comprehensive software system that organizes and automates your Root Cause Analysis process. Think of PROACT software as your project management tool for conducting Root Cause Analysis investigations. PROACT not only identifies an organization’s most significant annual losses – it also supplies the knowledge and tools to identify all the causes and then eliminate their recurrence in the future by using the winning combination of the PROACT® RCA software with the powerful LEAP™ Analysis software.

RCA Software for Cloud (SaaS) and Corporate Intranet

root cause analysis softwarePROACTOnDemand® RCA Web-Based Subscription Software – Accommodates Your RCA Method.


RCA for IntranetsPROACT OnDemand® RCA Intranet

PROACT® Root Cause Analysis Templates

risk management softwareLEAP FMEA – OA / Risk Management Software


How PROACT® RCA Templates HELP!
Capitalize on Past Experience
  • Over 300 Successfully Completed RCAs for IND or HC.
  • Robust searchable database using keywords, phrases & people.
  • Search titles and table of contents.
  • See RCA details showing cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Easily incorporate sections or entire templates into your own RCA.
  • Includes editing tools Cut, Copy, Paste and Labeling.
  • Use Templates over and over – No Limit!

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Learn how to process and deliver better RCA results corporate wide with our subscription SaaS mobile format.

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What Our Clients Say…

Howard Penrose

“PROACTOnDemand has been a great tool for helping me manage my RCA’s!  The industry I was assisting thought the root causes were something completely different as everyone was only looking at the obvious.  Using the PROACT RCA process we were able to dig deeper and have resolved a rather significant issue in the energy sector that has plagued them for decades. “

Howard Penrose, Ph.D, CMRP

Tobias Gilk


I’ve long known what an RCA is supposed to do, but not how to get there. Using the PROACT software helped to easily apply the RCA discipline to produce analyses that are robust and meaningful. In fact, PROACT helped uncover surprising causes buried in events that I thought I knew everything about!

Mr. Tobias Gilk - M. Arch., President & MRI Safety
DirectorMednovus® SAFESCAN®, Leucadia, CA 92024 USA

Allan McNally

“The software is very easy to navigate, affordable, and has the capability of storing pictures, interviews, and whatever supporting data there is available to do the analysis. Overall, the software is a great management tool to track the completion of the analysis as well as the progress being made anytime an analysis is completed and solutions are implemented.”

Allan McNally
Machinery Reliability Consultant

Greg Strom

“I find the templates extremely useful, and a valuable tool for getting the project up and running. I no longer attempt to begin an analysis from scratch, but utilize the most applicable template to steer my thoughts into a useful direction.”

Greg Strom
Cliffs Natural Resources - Sr. Reliabilty Engineer - Pellet Plant

Matt Arndt


The PROACT methodology has given us a truly logical, data-driven approach for root cause determination.  PROACTOnDemand makes implementation of this methodology seamless across various user groups throughout our organization.  The ability to upload supporting documentation for team review is an especially useful feature.

Matt Arndt - Senior Reliability Engineer
Materion Brush Performance Alloys ® Elmore

Sam McNair

“I rank your organization as the best in the world at what they do and very often advise my clients to train on your software and methods. In 33 years I have come across none better. But as good as the tool is, it is not the only tool needed to have a well-balanced toolbox.”

Sam McNair Director Of Operations at Lagniappe Professional Services LLC

Annelise Zeemann

“All materials tell metallurgists what they suffered during a failure, and…as I am a good listener…it is easy for me to know why a material failed; but we know that the definition of a damaged mechanism is just part of the story…and without a good RCA the material answer is nothing.”

Annelise Zeemann, Materials Life

Peter Roberts

“This software is very helpful and aids in field analysis.  It is very simple to navigate.  This is the first time I have used this software and it amazes me with its flexibility and ease.”

Peter Roberts
Trinidad Cement Limited

Tim Stovall

We have been using the Logic Tree Knowledge Management Templates to assist in our Root Cause Analyses for 6 months and have found the templates to be useful in sparking new ideas about possibilities that we may not have otherwise thought. Having a knowledge base of such RCA information allows us to easily search specific possibilities during the analysis itself, making our analyses more efficient and expediting the entire analytical process. Both new and experienced facilitators have found the templates useful in building their analyses. The templates are comprehensive, specific, logical and relevant to the type of equipment that we use in our operations of large petro-chemical facilities. Overall the templates are an excellent addition to the extensive knowledge of our RCA teams.

Tim Stovall
CMRP Reliability Leader

Howard Penrose


We use We use the PROACT System at MotorDoc LLC for our forensic investigations of electrical system and electric motor failures. I’ve used it to solve management issues, long-term machine conditions and more for well over a decade. We highly recommend the system and process – it works! I’ve staked my reputation on it many times with absolute confidence.

Howard Penrose - PhD, CMRP
Howard Penrose